Staying off site- fast pass expectations question

going in May. staying off site at a Hyatt hotel. I am worried about fast passes due to being able to select fast passes 30 days in advance, compared to 60 days if staying ON site. Can i realistically expect to get Flight of Passage fast pass at AK???

Short answer: No.

Longer Answer: if you’re willing to keep checking back to FP+ reservations regularly, you might catch one that someone releases. But don’t count on it.

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Or, you can, of course, use the throwaway room strategy and get magic bands for the family plus two free parking days on top of the 60 day FPP.

Just saying.

Sadly, off-siters are second class citizens and these loopholes are almost a necessity to have even a passable experience.

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I disagree that you need to exploit those loopholes to have a passable experience.

I’m just inside my 30 day window for my next trip and was able to get the top 3 TP recommended fastpass+ reservations for everything except FoP and 7DMT. If having to use the standby line for those two attractions is what keeps your stay at WDW from being even “passable”, then just go ahead and book the GF now.

As for my family of 5, we’ll have a fantastic time anyway, and, using an optimized TouringPlan, have only a couple attractions that we have to wait more than 30 mins for the entire trip. If you’re on a budget, that’s still a deal.


Agree with @MouseGirl42. We booked a very last minute trip and got FPP for everything except for FoP. We got 7DMT and FEA. It was summer and it was for 4 people. I know the time of year and party size can have an impact certainly.

Of course it would take an on-siter to rub their snobbishness in our faces! That is a very let-them-eat-cake attitude.

Tell me, have you woken up at 4a.m. 7 days in a row just to yet again not find a single ADR within your desired time frame? how many times have you thrown away plans because the only FEA FP you could find is after your kids bedtime? do you know what it feels to never be able to get a pre-RD ADR?

So no, don’t come here and slap us in the face saying that you know how off-siters feel because you don’t. You don’t know the disappointment. You only stand there and gloat about how easy everything is with the right touring plan. It is never easy.

It is NEVER easy.

I’m staying offsite in just a few weeks. Please don’t pretend you know what my stays and plans look like.

To amplify - I’m massaging the available FP+ daily. I’m forgoing most ADRs because I’m trying to save a few $$, because going with 5 is not cheap.

And for the ADRs I want, I’m usining the TouringPlans FREE ADR finder software in hopes of getting the few I do want.

And yeah, I’ve given up plenty of experiences because I need to get a kid to bed.

I never claimed it was easy, I said you could have a good experience at WDW without having a FP+ for 7DMT and FoP.

Quit patronizing me.

Nothing’s impossible. I was checking 30 day Fastpass availability yesterday and came across a Flight of Passage for a party of three just after midday. No refreshing, it was just there. Now, I’m obviously not saying it’s likely to be that easy, but if you’re prepared to spend time refreshing - and you have a somewhat flexible schedule - there is certainly every chance that you’ll get what you’re after. Also, make sure you check for changes to the park hours. If the parks open earlier they will also release Fastpasses for that extra park time. Be quick and you can score one then. :slight_smile:

I think you’ll get everything except FoP. But don’t panic if you don’t get FoP FPP! It can be done if you’re willing to invest an early arrival at AK. Be at the gate one hour before opening time on a non EMH morning, do a buffalo stampede over to Pandora and you should be on and off in about 40 minutes. Not so bad considering the wait times later in the day. Good luck to you!

Won’t the fp go away if I cancel the room? I already have magic bands.

I am coming all the way from Idaho, and probably won’t be back for about 5 years. Need to do all that I can there.

What is the throwaway room strategy??

2 ways to do that. You book a room only for the dates you are going and pay a small deposit. You will have opportunity to book fastpasses at 60 days out. You have opportunity to receive free Magic bands as well but if you dont need them you can decline them. Then you can cancel the room reservation within the stated policy, generally within 30 -15 days prior and receive your deposit back. But you keep the fast passes.

Other option is to book a one night stay at a campsite or value resort on your first night stay. (Roughly $75-$100) but keep the reservation and either use or not use the room or site. Benefits of this is a rolling 60 day fastpass (book each days fastpass each day at 60) free magic bands if you need em, plus for the check in and check out day you will be eligible for EMH and free parking.


so the first way, you can book all 6 days of fast passes in one shot?

Touring plans did a great video about how to ride FoP and Na’vi with no fast passes and no lines. You have to get there early, but it can be done. I think it’s a great video and a good option for people that don’t get a fastpass.

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ok, just booked campground for my first night. will i be able to book all 6 days of my tickets fastpasses on ONE day, or do i have to get up at 5 every day for 6 days to book?

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You said, " so the first way, you can book all 6 days of fast passes in one shot?"

In the first option, Yes.

If you booked 1 night you will have to get up each day and book. If you would of booked 6 nights, you would have been able to book all days at day 60.

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But if you plan on keeping the reservation for the parking and EMH privileges 1 night is the cheaper way to go.

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