Staying off property

Hi there, just wondering if anyone might have any advice what neighborhoods are best to rent houses in near Disney World? I was hoping to keep daily travelling to the parks to a minimum. Thanks.

Windsor Hills is probably the closest.

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Windsor Hills is close, true…but it still can take around 20 minutes. At least, it did when we were there. This is because the route to get to the parks during peak times has a significant backup at one of the lights.

Despite the long drive times, we actually preferred staying at locations that were a longer drive. We rented a house in Haines City, for example. It was a 30 minute drive, but far more relaxing. Next May, we’ll be staying in a rental in Davenport, which is also about a 30 minute drive.

So, I’d say that if ALL that matters to you is “time on the roads”, then something like Windsor Hills is fine. But for me, at least, I prefer a slightly longer drive to less congestion.

If you are interested in condos, and not just homes, a couple places we stayed that are a little bit more expensive, but nice in terms of location includes Floridays Resort, as well as Orange Lake. Orange Lake is nice, in particular, if you can stay in the towers because there is a lazy river, pool, and water slide right outside the building.

Here is Orange Lake (via Homeaway):

Here is Floridays:

I know that you can get 2 bedroom at Orange Lake. We rented a 3-bedroom at Floridays.

If you want to go with a house, here are links to the two we rented (one we haven’t yet stayed at):

Where we will be staying in May, 2020 (5 bedroom, private pool):

Where we stayed in 2016 (4 bedroom, private pool):


My family stayed here over Easter last year and it’s amazing! Newer resort with all different sized houses with their own pools/hot tubs. We stayed in an 11 bedroom house with 15 people but I think they have as low as three-bedroom houses too. Has a waterpark, restaurants, a little kids club, arcade, and a shuttle to the TTC. We ended up driving but I think it only took us 10 to 20 minutes depending on traffic. It was a beautiful resort!

Nice! Thanks for sharing that. A little bit pricier than some options, but the location/amenities might just make it worth it!

Yes we loved it. We could even see the fireworks off in the distance from our pool. And lots of the houses have Disney themed rooms…ours had a Star Wars room with themed bunk bed, there was a princess castle bunk bed, etc. was great for the kids. We are staying on property this summer for our next trip just to experience what it’s like to be in the “bubble” and we got free dining, but I would absolutely stay here again another time!

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