Staying in Cabana Bay

Hi all
TIA I am looking at staying for two nights in September. If I book the Cabana Bay. Will I be able to use unlimited fp as I am staying in a Universal hotel

Unlimited EP is only a perk of deluxe resorts, not Cabana Bay. Staying in Cabana Bay, you would have to buy it separate. Depending on the size of your group and if you think you will really need it, you may want to consider upgrading to a deluxe resort.

Express pass is only included at Royal pacific hard rock and Portfino. These 3 plus Saphire Falls and Cabana all get Early park Entry. You do get express pass( in staying at one of 3 listed hotels) and early entry on both check in and check out days and you can arrive from 6 am.

You can purchase Express Pass. Once, it was cheaper for us to buy into it and stay at Cabana Bay than to get it with a deluxe stay. The other time it was better for us to book the Royal Pacific and get Express that way. Run the numbers. Staying on property is the only way to get Early Entry. Also, consider if you really need Express; we did as we wanted to do both parks in one day which was crowded.

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What are your dates? If the crowd levels are fairly low, and you are there for more than a day, you more than likely will not need EP.