Staying cool/rested in World Showcase?

Hi all! My in-laws have decided to join me and the boys on our EPCOT day (they live in Ocala) in two weeks. I had originally planned to have an afternoon break but since they’re coming to specifically spend time with us I’m thinking we’ll probably end up staying in the park. I think that will be okay overall since the next day is a rest day, but I still don’t want to push but so hard. I thought I’d ask this group what their recommendations were for places to cool off and/or rest up a bit in World Showcase (since that’s where we’ll be). Thanks!

There are many places to get some shade and rest throughout world showcase.

I would plan some time at the American showcase. It’s air conditioned. There are gardens in China and Japan.

You can always jump in one of the Friendship Boats for a round trip to sit for about 30 minutes and they’re air conditioned.

The movie in France is in a lovely air conditioned theatre .

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I think a really long late lunch somewhere cool will help. Maybe Biergarten or Via Napoli?

This is a great idea! It’s comfy seating and a really great movie - almost as nice as “Soarin”!

The Three Caballeros might be an enjoyable (and cool) boat ride in the Mexican pavilion, too. :smile:

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Thanks everyone! Lots of great ideas!

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