Staying Cool During the Festival of Fantasy

Wife and I discovered a great spot for watching the parade and wanted to pass it along esp for those watching it on a hot day. If you stand just oustde the LTT, you’ll get the benefit of a raised platform and the AC coming from the restaurant. Oh, there’s shade too. Worked perfectly for us.


Thanks! I was wondering if it was worth watching the parade next month if we had to stand in the heat for a long time.

Great suggestion! I’ve also read on chat that there’s a bench near Sleepy Hollow that is shaded and has a good view of the FoF parade as it turns the corner and crosses the bridge towards the hub.

Do you think a small child would be able to see from this spot too? Or would they need to be lifted up?

I think the child would have to be lifted because it’s back maybe 5ish ft from curb and the kid would have to see over those folk. For a small kid, I’d suggest a spot near the shooting gallery. There are about 2’ tall boxes there that he/she could stand on…wife and I have done that too and haven’t been asked (yet) to get down. Still shaded by a tree there but no AC. We have gotten to the area just 15 min before a parade, sat there while we waited, and stood on the box when the parade started.

Thanks! That’s super helpful! We are traveling the 2nd week of September so it shouldn’t be crazy crowded but will definitely be crazy hot!

Enjoy! Great time of year to go!!

Yes! My husband & I have used that exact spot before! Great spot to see everything.