Staying at hyatt mco...luggage questions

Is our luggage left inside our room and it magically makes it to the ship, or do we check our own luggage in at the airport, or do we take it on (disney ) bus with us?

Check with the hotel - but I THINK at MCO - you need to bring it to BUS and then it will make it to your room. Make sure you pack a day bag with anything (including meds) that you would need. Depending on your room - it will take HOURS to get it and they do NOT let get it

When you check in at the Hyatt, they will ask you if you are on the Disney Cruise & give you all the information about what the process is.
When we went last year, we just put our tags on our luggage after we checked into the hotel, then in the morning you just leave your bags in your room. You won’t see them again until they get to your room on the ship, so make sure you carry any essentials with you. Very easy!