Staying at Grand Floridian: How many Fast Passes will we get?

Hey. We are staying at Grand Floridian in May. Do you know how many Fast Passes we will be allotted? Our visit is in May.

You can pre-book three per day and then one at a time after you use those three at a kiosk.

At this point there is no tiered system for more fast passes for a deluxe resort than at the other levels but I believe it will eventually turn into that.

Do you really think that? Historically, as far as I know, deluxe resort guests have never had additional perks over other on property guests at the parks. Never had special EMH, or ability to prebook CRT, or anything like that. Frankly, it would surprise me if they go that direction.

FPP is a system that is fair to all, 3fpp per day for everyone, then additional fpp after you have used your 3 according to what ever is left.

I know when they were first rolling this out they discussed a system based on where you stay, but I for one and thankful that did not surface.

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I believe they will either start charging for it like Universal does or give more benefits to the people who spend more money. It just makes sense with all the testing they have done, the Magic bands that anyone can now buy, and the kiosks that make you get 1 at a time.

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I can see this, but its not in now and hasnt been annoucned in any form. So, Grand Floridian gets the same Fast Pass+ options as POP guests or even AP holders.