Staying at Caribbean Beach Resort

Staying at CBR in November and need recommendations regarding contruction and what building to request? Also what clothing should I pack?

No current “intel” on CBR, so I’ll leave that to others. As a FL resident I can tell you that Nov weather can be difficult to predict. You could see 85 or you could see 50 - and maybe both in a 24 hour period. Your best bet is to think layers. For a Nov trip I would bring mostly short sleeves, a hoodie, and maybe a long-sleeve t-shirt. I’d have both jeans and shorts. I rarely swim when I’m at WDW, but I’d definitely pack a bathing suit just in case the mood hit me. Rain gear of some sort is always recommended.

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There’s a super helpful CBR facebook group for CBR specific questions. It seems that construction hasn’t been bothering most people except that some preferred rooms got moved to standard rooms and got gift cards recently.

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Thank you for the info

Awesome thanks