Staying 3 days in parks, Memory Maker One-Day possible?

We’ll be staying in AK for day 1 and in MK for days 2+3. Is it possible to get a Memory Maker One-Day for day #2 only?

Followup question: Can we postpone that decision after day 3 has ended, thereby having the option of buying Memory Maker One -Day or full Memory Maker (because there were so many nice photos taken on days 1 + 3 as well)


I do know it is possible to purchase a one day memory maker, $69 I think. As far as purchasing all the days after, I have no idea.

Another idea is to do a MM share. I am doing one for my trip tomorrow and my share was $28 (the cost will depend on how many are in your group). If you are not keen on that, the other idea is to put your pics on a photo pass and then only buy the pics you love.