Staycation at Cabana Bay during HHN

Excited to have booked a 2-week staycation at Cabana Bay in September. Just me and hubby, both HHN devoted fans. We usually drive down but found some great prices on airline tickets, (I think parking charges would have been more than the price for airline tickets).

We are staying in the family suite and plan on eating grocery food most meals. Does anyone have a grocery list they are proud of for their stay at the resort they would like to share:star_struck::star_struck:?

I read the Galaxy Bowl has happy hour Mon-Thurs, is it drinks, appetizers or both being discounted?

Would love any other tips or advice for a longer stay at Universal. Still waiting for September passes or multiple-day passes to go on sale for HHN30.

Thanks in advance!


My starting list for my trip next winter.
PublixList_Share.pdf (31.6 KB)

This is the kosher food we buy in the store, and we bring our own bread, cheese, and meat from home for trips.

Keep in mind the refrigerator is pretty small, so you may need to return to the store every few days to stock up on refrigerator groceries. On a trip that is three nights or longer, I will usually make a second trip to the grocery store.


How far away do you live from UOR? I always thought Staycation meant that you were staying in your hometown, or very nearby?

You’re probably right. We just never stay in one place for very long when we travel so it’s unique to us. We live in Iowa.

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Oh, I get it! Well it works for your situation - 2 weeks is a long time to be at Universal! I’m sure you’ll love it. Cabana Bay looks fabulous, and @bebe80 is a real champion of the resort.

With 2 weeks, you should easily make it on all the rides you want to multiple times. Are you planning on Volcano Bay? My family really loved it there. I would go at least twice if I was there 2 weeks.


We love VB and the pool at CB. Our plan is to visit every pool at all the resorts. Hubby wants to see Star Wars at Disney Studios but I don’t see that happening, I’d rather spend the $300 on drinks at the pool.


We stay at CB so we can walk to VB every Mon-Thurs.


You mean ‘virtual’ champion? :rofl:
Mark my word, I am going there but haven’t yet. I’ve just spent so much time researching it, it actually feels like I have been there before! :joy:

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Isn’t it similar walking time as say…Boardwalk to HS?

Do you plan on taking the boat from Sapphire Falls at all?

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It takes about 6 minutes to walk from CB to Volcano Bay. We walk frequently from CB to Universal and it takes about 15 minutes. We’ll probably take the boat from the parks to Sapphire Falls when we check out their pool. I’m really excited about the pools at Portofino Bay.

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Ah yes, 15 minutes to parks. Probably a little shorter than the path to Hollywood Studios.

It sounds like you are familiar with the resort, but here is a couple things and articles:

You can set up Universal Pay on the app. TM’s just scan a barcode on your phone then. I used it at the Butterbeer stand and gift shops.

I know you plan to eat most meals at the resort, but these are a couple of my favorite places:
Toothsome- appetizers/desserts
Three Broomsticks if you’re a Fish n Chips fan
Big Fire at CW is highly recommended

Make sure to catch some shows besides the Potter ones. My favorites are Horror make-up, Bourne, & Animal Actors

Other things to do if you have extra time:

PS: Since you are in Orlando for so long, it would be wise to visit HS for a day! Let Hubby have his fun there :wink:


For longer stays I recommend spending time at other resorts! Check out other unique options and you’re allowed to pool hop! Check out Bar 17 at Aventura, Strong Water at Sapphire, etc.


Oh one other thing, since you plan to do pool hopping. If you visit a park in the morning, and then want to swing by a resort pool nearby after it gets hot, just rent a daily locker at one of the park entrances to put your swimsuits, etc in. Then you can just pick it up on the way out and change at a resort pool bathroom area.