Started my countdown to Disney workout chart today

…seeing as how I’ve literally built multiple snacks per day into my TPs, I figured I’d better get a jump on things now, lol. :joy:


I’ve been counting calories and walking 30+ minutes every day for months. I stopped losing weight about a month ago, but I’m getting better at making it longer and farther with the walking. I hope your new regimen is more successful than mine!!!

This is a great idea…and I think I am stealing it!!! At least a walking plan

I have been sitting at my desk at home, 8-10 hours a day, for the last 17 months. At least when I was in the office I walked back and forth to my car in the parking lot and up and down the stairs!!

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My last Epcot day, my Fitbit said I took 33k steps in a single day, lol. So yes, a walking plan is always advisable!

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I went to the gym 6 days of the week last week and the week before. I like the countdown idea! It’s good to have a plan to build up the endurance. The Disney endorphins really help me push through though. :crazy_face:


I love this idea! I keep hoping that @len will put a team member on mapping walks in the parks so that when I am home I can stop saying my goal is to walk 2 miles and instead say that my goal is to walk Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, and then back down Main Street USA! I think I would walk further with a little Disney fun mixed in.

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