Starlight Safari tips?

I have heard it is a very hard to get reservation.

If I am logged in and ready to go right at 7am exactly 60 days out from our vacation dates, am I likely to be able to reserve this for the 4 of us? Or is it just luck bc so many are also trying to do the same thing I am?

It is an “enchanting extra” and those offerings open early. I booked my dessert party at 4:40am but I have read many reports that enchanting extras often open up after midnight on day 60 (so by 1am). All booking open by 6am, online.

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Oh thank you! I have never booked an EE. I will be super excited if I can get SS. :sparkles::crossed_fingers:

For onsite guests, ADRs dont start until 6 am then on day 60?

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Yes. Remember you can do 60 days plus length of stay (up to 10).

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SS typically sells out 66-68 days ahead, partly because the capacity is only 12 people for each tour. The first tour of the night sells out first.

I experienced varied booking times. Some days were midnight, other days opened at 4am. Booking from the app seemed to be faster/earlier.