Starlight Safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge vs Dine with Animal Specialist

We will be in the world in Feb 2018. My 8 yr old daughter is an animal fanatic. She is all about protecting endangered species and wildlife in general. As a special treat for her, I’m considering either the Starlight Safari or the Dine with Animal Specialist. Can anyone who has done either of these let me know what you thought of the experience. Thanks in advance.

Have t done either but the new caribg for giants is rather cheap for a tour if you can add that too

I did Starlight Safari in January this year. I wrote about it here:

They might change things before you go and I don’t know how likely you’ll have 40 degree weather there in February. We were there when it was freezing which was unexpected.

Thanks for pointing me to the review. It was very helpful. It sounds like you enjoyed the tour even though you felt there could have been more value for the price. I love that the groups are small. My daughter will be the one soaking up every piece of information the CM’s offer.

Unfortunately, I don’t think 40 degrees in January in Florida was all that unusual. In Feb 2015, we were in the World around Presidents Day. It was about the same temperature. My then 5 yr old, went to the Magic Kingdom wearing 2 pairs of socks on her hands, and just about all the other clothes I had packed for her for the entire trip.

We are from Toronto. I know how to pack for cold weather, but I was expecting it to be much much warmer, and left our winter gear at home.

Thanks again.

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Caring for Giants would also be an interesting tour. Thanks for the suggestion.

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