Stare into my crystal ball

I’m pretty sure you need to look under “Disney Collection” or something like that. You don’t choose them via the same reservation process as DVC resorts. It’s been something like ten years since I reserved a non-DVC room, and there weren’t even online reservations then so I don’t know where in the site it is now.

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My bet is Disney is hoping to host some long term big events like sports again and is saving POR/POFQ as hosting grounds easier to contain than sharing dvc hotels.

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Yes, I’ve seen and glanced at the process, but I agree w/ you it’s not a good use of DVC points.

I’ve been pondering both the elimination of the DL season passes and DW Fast Pass++.

At DL, they do have a problem with a large % of the people being locals with season passes. They don’t make that much money off locals, and the crowds turn off tourists. So, on DL Season Passes, I think whatever they bring in as the new variation will have a limited number of uses, so they expire after one-year or , say, 20 visits. And/or, have a reservation system for season pass holders and each pass can have a limited number of future reservations allowed. When all the season pass allotments are filled, then tough-touskie.

On DW, Fast Pass+ replacement, I think the MaxPass system. Although, that might be because that is what I am routing for. I’ve not done the MaxPass, but we did like Volcano Bay’s system, and it sounds very similar. Except that at VB you can’t pay to be allowed to use your phone to make reservations. They could also vary it to have a tiered system. Like maybe staying at a Deluxe, you are allowed to prebook 3 (like the current fast pass++) and after that have two simultaneous reservations. Moderates could have two simultaneous reservations. Value you don’t have to pay for the allowed_to_use_phone upgrade.

This. We really didn’t enjoy DL mostly because it felt like people came after work or dropped their kids off for the day while they were at work. Very much felt like the odd family there on vacation. DW feels very different. Most of us are there for vacation with a few locals sprinkled in. I don’t see us returning to DL but DW is another story.

I didn’t enjoy FP either because I couldn’t plan. My return time was whatever the return time happened to be regardless of what my plans were. I much preferred FPP where I could choose a return time (or not).

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