Star Wars Snacks

Anyone know of any current star wars themed snacks? We are traveling in a couple of weeks, and saw that there was a limited time Kylo Ren cupcake, but I don’t know how limited that is since it was re-released for HS 30th celebration (guessing it is gone already). I saw the dark side chicken and waffles are gone. Are there any fun Star Wars themed foods we can get at the end of May? Thanks in advance!!

Every time I’ve been there was at least one star wars cupcake. I’ve had Darth Vader, Chewbacca and BB8

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The Star Wars themed food at Backlot is apparently gone. Very disappointing because I was planning to eat there in June for the Star Wars cupcake! There is a Kylo Ren cupcake available at Rosie’s All-American Café and Dockside Diner.

Here’s what I found on the current HS themed snack situation:

Thanks. I saw those snacks, but then I saw a youtube video where they attempted to try the new HS snacks last week, and almost all of them were gone. :frowning: Apparently, VERY limited time offers.

I could never eat BB8. :cry:
(Well, maybe if he was really tasty).

And just in case you want to sigh and moan and wish for an August 29th trip, here are the munchies at SW:GE:


Well, bless it! You will have to report back after your trip and let us know if you had any luck.

You’d eat that round little sucker like the rest of us @Pod … leave no cupcake unmunched!

Probably so. When it comes to food I’m more of a Han Solo opportunist than a Luke Skywalker purist. I’ll eat what’s in front of me, no matter who’s side its on.

Now you’re talking!

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No luck. We ended up just doing Woody’s, and everyone was happy enough with that.

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