Star Wars: path of the Jedi

Hi guys,

Is this only a montage of various scenes from the Star Wars movies ? That is what I read…Seems like it’s a complete waste of touring time, right ?

Thanks for any advice.

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Yep! It’s really a kind of “this is what Star Wars is all about” for those who haven’t watched the movies.

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Wait. Do such people actually exist?


LOL I know a lot of such people but they would still skip this since the only reason I think can exist for someone to not have seen the movies is a complete lack of interest !

Personally, will definitely skip.

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Disinterested partners and young kids primarily!

So it maybe serves a purpose. Lots of young kids are fans but haven’t necessarily seen the movies.

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This is true. We typically don’t let our kids see the movies until they are seven. And, of course, Episodes III, VII, and VIII are PG-13, so they are off limits for considerably longer. So you raise a good point.