Star Wars: path of the Jedi


Hi guys,

Is this only a montage of various scenes from the Star Wars movies ? That is what I read…Seems like it’s a complete waste of touring time, right ?

Thanks for any advice.


Yep! It’s really a kind of “this is what Star Wars is all about” for those who haven’t watched the movies.


Wait. Do such people actually exist?


LOL I know a lot of such people but they would still skip this since the only reason I think can exist for someone to not have seen the movies is a complete lack of interest !

Personally, will definitely skip.


Disinterested partners and young kids primarily!

So it maybe serves a purpose. Lots of young kids are fans but haven’t necessarily seen the movies.


This is true. We typically don’t let our kids see the movies until they are seven. And, of course, Episodes III, VII, and VIII are PG-13, so they are off limits for considerably longer. So you raise a good point.