Star Wars Launch Bay tips

I have several questions…first why is there a 20min standby wait time factored into the touring plans for this? Is there an actual wait to get into the building? Seems the same time on all days at all times. Second, how long would you plan to spend here if we don’t watch the movie. We will want to see BB8, possibly Chewy, but not sure about all the others. Also is the Disney Visa worth it…what character(s) do you meet there and how long is that wait? Thanks liner friends.

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The wait is to get into the film, we skipped it and walked straight in. It really depends how big a fan you are. I would say we were there about 75 minutes, including meets with Kylo Ren (10 mins) and Chewie (20 mins) - this was pre BB8. No visa m&g for us so I can’t say anything about the wait. At that time it was Kylo Ren but I don’t know now. This was an early August trip. DH and DS went back again another day.

We were there on the 28th. Skipped the movie and only went for the net and get. 10 minutes for kylo, 10 for chewy and don’t know how long the wait was for bb8. This was sometime after lunch/early evening.

We just returned from Disney and rope dropped HS on December 31 with a 9:00am opening. At 8:45am they let us in and we were able to meet Chewy, Kylo Ren, and BB8 with no more than a 8-10 minute wait at each. We were also at HS on December 30 in the late morning and the wait times for these characters was 20 minutes or so. If you don’t want to meet characters or watch the movie, then you can just walk through the launch bay and look at the exhibit and the retail store. Depending on how big of fans you have in your family, you could spend between 10 minutes - 2 hours in the Launch Bay!