Star Wars Launch Bay - How long and how does it work?

So I’m trying to squeeze Star Wars Launch Bay in our morning DHS plan. A few questions for those who have experienced it:

  1. Are you funneled through the attraction in a particular way, or can you choose to go directly to characters? (My husband is not all about meeting characters, but for Star Wars he will oblige). Trying to avoid any film viewing or long winded viewing of memorabilia.

  2. If we can go directly to characters, do we really need the 45 minutes suggested by TP?

You can bypass the movie. The CMs will give you directions. If you go directly to the characters first thing in the morning, you won’t wait too long.

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Launch Bay allows you to really go at your own pace. If you want to just see characters, you absolutely can but I would recommend at least a little time for viewing the galleries if your husband is a SW fan as there’s some pretty cool stuff to look at but also doesn’t require too much time.

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  1. Inside it is free flowing, you can wander anywhere (movie, characters, looking at many exhibits).
  2. There are separate lines for each character. The wait for Chewie can take awhile. I waited to look at exhibits until exiting after meeting Chewie.

Last year on a CL 2 day we saw both Chewie and Kylo Ren in about 45 minutes, even though we were held up for “questioning” by some Storm Troopers at the entrance to see Chewie.

I’m no Star Wars “nerd” tho I like the movies. I took about 45 minutes to look at the galleries, didn’t see the movie. Waited for DS to meet Chewie and Kylo Ren. All together we were there for 90 minutes maybe. It was at around 6pm on Dec 30th. Queues didn’t seem too bad to meet the characters, but still 20 minutes each.

I went in after the fireworks and had no wait for Chewbacca.

After Star Wars FW? Do you remember what time park close was that night?

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People were walking out and then we went to Launch. No one said no. It was almost empty.

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