Star Wars land opening 2019

Is there word yet about when Star Wars land will be opening at DL? All I can find is 2019, and before WDW. I’ll be there July 2019, so sure hope it’s open by then…

Only speculation at this point. I suspect it will be late spring/early summer, however I have also heard talk about being very concerned about capacity levels being a big concern and that they are now considering open simultaneously so that one park doesn’t get overwhelmed.

My guess is that it won’t be before “fall.” D23 is in August and if I had to guess, that would be the perfect time to do some soft openings for guests of D23. Similar to what they did last year for Fantasmic 2.0

Well that would be a disappointment. But the one silver lining may be to lessen crowds when I’m actually there, since some may wait for Star Wars. But I’d rather take my chances with Star Wars.

my only thoughts re opening at WDW is that it may coincide with the no free dining at deluxes in the autumn ( fall)

well the latest we hear for DL is summer 2019. I’ll be there the week of 7/21, whether it’s open by then or not…

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I think you have got pretty good odds. I think worst case you will be there right when it opens. If you think about everything that has said opening summer of… it has opened prior to July (at least every thing I can think of). Pandora, GotG, Pixar Pier, Toy Story Land, etc… Hoping the Force will be with you!!!