Star Wars Land Construction Photos

I started one of these threads for TSL a while back; now that there is more to see tahn dirt being moved around, I thought it might be time to start one for SWL as well.

The large rectangular building in the middle will be the “Battle” ride, and the irregularly shaped building will be the Millennium Falcon ride.

Here is a “map” made by one of the “insiders” from one of the other forums that I frequent showing the layouts of both TSL and SWL.

I’m sure there will be (a lot) more to follow…


Thanks for this!

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Thanks! I am looking forward to following along!


I’ve been more focused on following TSL construction, but as the progress there slows down and the work on SWGE is in full swing, I thought I would pay more attention to this thread. Here’s a link to a gallery of recent construction photos

For those of you who haven’t been following closely, SWGE will have 2 “E-Ticket” rides: a Millennium Falcon “flight simulator” and a high-tech dark ride whose story is about escaping from an Empire stronghold. There will be a Cantina style restaurant that may have a show during meals (think BG). Jedi Training will be relocated to the new land. Star Tours will not be moved nor will it be directly linked to SWGE. There will be various shops and QS/kiosk food offerings. No doubt there will also be various M&Gs.


All I can say is OMG! The high aerial pictures are one thing, but this really hammers home just how big this is going to be.

Excitement level building exponentially…

Forgive my hijacking this thread to talk about TSL, but I am right from the picture you posted originally, that TSL is actually fairly small? E.g. smaller than Pandora?

Given how much it has hijacked my planning, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not more insane than I thought.

:open_mouth: So amazing!! I love when you share these updates- thank you!!

Is that possible? :rofl:

Toy Story Land is 11 acres. Pandora is 12 acres. Seems comparable, although I’d presume TSMM is part of that 11 acre count FWIW…

In rough numbers, SWGE is 14 acres, TSL is 11 acres, and Pandora is 12 acres. Due to building, tracks, etc, this does not reflect how much of the land is actually open to foot traffic (i.e. SWGE has two huge show buildings, Pandora has one huge show buildings plus the floating mountains, and TSL has whole back half of the Slinky track).

OK, working with satellite maps and available “park maps” I have created this comparison. It’s not “surveyor-perfect”, but I think it’s pretty close…