Star Wars™ Imperial Meet ‘N’ Greet


Has anyone been to the Meet and Greet for Disney Visa holders at Hollywood Studios? I have found limited information and I am not sure that it is still active.


We went in December! You show the cast member your Disney Visa and they take you back. They led us back to "an Imperial leader" (they don't say who b/c it is technically subject to change was Vader himself and NOBODY there but us, it was pretty cool. :slight_smile: I think it goes on from 1-7pm.


Yes it still exists and is in Launch Bay, separate from the regular meet and greet. It is now Kylo Ren.


Thanks for asking! Whats the scoop on the one in Epcot too?


The one in Epcot moved across to the other side of the character spot, but it works essentially the same. Show your card, and you get to meet two of the classic Mickey characters. It rotates there. Sometimes we've had Minnie and Goofy, Mickey and goofy, once I think Pluto and Mickey.


In March We saw Kylo Ren. No one there but us! We have two different Visas so we went twice and no wait the second time either. Over at the meet and greet wait was 40 minutes for him.


Anyone know if we can add this to our tp?


Two thoughts on how I'm adding this to my tp at EP. The meet and greet is right next to Figment, so I'm adding a figment to my tp, and then I'll place it where I want it, if the tp generates a time slot for it that I don't really want, or, I'm going to schedule it as a "break" where I want it. I haven't added it to my tp at Hollywood yet, but that's an idea for you - make it a "Launch Bay," or a 10 minute "break" when you are near Launch Bay, but add a note to show that it's really the DV Meet/Greet.


Great advice - I was wondering the same thing. Just changed my TP and used your idea of "break". Thanks for the tip!