Star Wars - how does it change things?

I am crafting a touring plan for HS on Jan 6 - it wants me to do Tower of Terror first but surely that cant be right? We should rope drop Rise of the Resistance? When I forced RotR to be the first step and evaluated it says 112 minute wait - how could that be at rope drop? When optimized it wants us to do RotR at 2 PM when the wait is 90 mins, but I feel like Tower is never that long??

Any thoughts? Should I wait until everything opens in Dec and has more data and then worry about it?

I think you have to wait. Nobody knows right now what will be the line for Rotr. It will depend on many factors including ride reliability.
Anyway, like for any ride you want to RD and insert in you touring plan, TP estimates you’ll arrive at park opening and not 1-2 hours before, so that you’ll be behind the pack.
So, if you arrive early you’ll not wait whatever the wait time will be at official park opening (or at least not when the park is already open since RD could still require to arrive 60-90 minutes before opening).


I created a “break” in my TP for 30 minutes on opening because I plan to be there 90 minutes prior to opening.

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ooooo super helpful thank you!!

ah gotchya that makes sense now why the wait seemed so long at opening - thx!

Someone asked a similar question this morning. I went on MDE and got the queue wait for MFSR only 15 - 20 minutes after RD it was already posting a 90 minute queue. Everybody is going there first.


This leaves ToT and RnR virtually empty. You can ride those multiple times with little to no wait.

Here’s one of my favorite bloggers article from DHS this week, now that EEMH are done

I’m very interested in this as well. I’m planning a HS visit on Jan 15th, and just assume that I’ll need to rope drop ROTR to get on it without a big wait throughout the day. Yes, I see how we could ride ToT and RnRRC easily instead, at park opening, but I think that would have to come at the price of big SW:GE lines later in the day, and SW:GE is a much higher priority for us.

Note that Jan 15th is a Crowd Level 1 out of 10 day for HS.

If nothing else, since we have 6-day DW tickets, to do the 4 parks, I think we may use one of the extra 2 days to return to HS, and then could do ToT and RnRRC at the beginning, with SW:GE later in the day.

This will be interesting to see how SWGE manages the ROTR and the holidays. We rode MFSR twice this at 40-45 minute waits each time.


I’m going Jan 6th too!!! Smugglers run was a short wait when I was there in September. Only maybe 45min. I’m so curious to see how Batu is in December for RoTR opening. I will likely be rope dropping but what is great about Batu is I feel like most people get bored and move on but special people stay and really absorb the land. So it hasn’t been unbearably crowded. Galaxys edge is something really special. I can’t wait to go back and see the new ride. Aghhhhhh. ::freak out:::

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Will be interesting to see. I recall the estimated waits for MFSR being well over an hour before SWGE opened, but I’ve seen it several times at 30-45 minutes. We go in January only about 35 days after RoTR opens. Working on our TPs now. Estimated wait for RoTR is 90+ minutes on a CL1 day. Fingers crossed it turns out to be closer to 45-60. Maybe the HS afternoon turns into a boys day and I take off for a break by the pool while my husband and boys do SWGE. Sounds better to me!