Star Wars Guided Tour

Does anyone know if the “new” Star Wars Guided Tour is still 7 hours? Is there an approximate location where the tour ends? I’d like to create a touring plan that starts at the end of the tour so I can get a better estimate of what FP+ slots I should try to get. I’m trying to squeeze in the popular rides and a show or two. I doubt it, but is it possible to do Fantasmic and still make the reserved viewing for Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular?

The tour ended after the 1:10pm session of JTA. If you didn’t have a child in JTA, you could have left after the 12:30pm showing of the A Galaxy Far, Far Away stage show.

Thanks for the info! One CM on the phone told me it was now 5 hours, and another said it was still 7. It sounds more like a 5 hour tour based on your trip.

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I’ve booked this for our upcoming August trip. The tour details note “sinking your jawas into a Star Wars-inspired meal at Backlot Express.” Anyone have an idea of what time this meal is served?

When we did this at the end of March, it was around 11:30. We did the tour that started at 8:00.

Thanks. I’m also doing the one that starts at 8.

DHS opens at 7 am the day we’re going, so I’m hoping to be able to hit up Alien Swirling Saucers and TSM before we check in for the tour.

Have you been yet? I’m interested to hear how all this went. I’m considering this for my Star Wars obsessed almost 7 year old twins. I also have the Disney Visa card and I think one of the perks is meeting a Star Wars character.

Any review?