Star Wars guided tour advice

Well now I am SO disappointed. The SW guided tour for my date (last day of SW fireworks) is fully booked. I called 2 weeks ago and was told to call today, that these had to be booked 60 days in advance. This morning, they tell me it was available for booking 180 days in advance. Sucks… :disappointed_relieved:

This made me laugh because my husband only recently admitted, after 13 years, that he prefers Star Trek. I felt so betrayed!

LOL this is clearly fraudulent and it should allow you to divorce and get everything !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

We did the tour with our two boys (8 and 12). We were able to RD TSL (rode SDD twice, and then TSM and AS2 once). before checking in at 7:50 am for the tour. The tour was over after the 1:40 pm Jedi training show, so things wrap up around 2 pm. For us, that left enough time to do everything else we wanted to do in DHS.

Overall, the tour was pretty slow paced, with plenty of breaks, and not at all draining, even for the little ones.

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