Star Wars guided tour advice


So, Wesamfa convinced me to do this and I called to book it but turns out I have to wait until 60 day before (which is in 2 weeks).

To help me cope with this horrible wait, can anyone else who has done it tell me about their experience please ?

My wife and our 7 year old boy will be with me so any insight from a woman who thinks Star Wars is only OK or parents of a kid around 7 would be particularly helpful cause I’m a SW geek and I know I would enjoy the tour even if it was 10 times more expensive and 10 times less interesting… :wink:


I can’t offer any advice on this. Never been. But the whole SW geek part I get. Last trip, when watching the 10 minute movie talking about Star Wars at HS, I literally started crying it was so emotional. My wife, of course, thought I was crazy and my kids thought I was a total dweeb. Whatever. But Luke Skywalker will ALWAYS be my hero!


Seriously, I think it’s a no-brainer in my context. I already paid 208$ for the dessert party pretty much just to get into the VIP viewing area for the fireworks (don’t really give a crap about the desserts). For 300$ instead (I would cancel the desserts), I get the same VIP viewing for the fireworks + VIP viewing for the PM show + lunch + get my kid a guaranteed spot for Jedi academy + Star Tours with no wait before park opening + march behind the Stormtroopers during the march + a few other goodies including a lanyard/VIP pass and a souvenir mug. Pretty good (in Disney context, not in real world LOL) for the additional 92$ IMO.


yup - way better deal!
I am a ‘classic’ SW fan - I haven’t even seen all the new ones.
I thought it looked fun, but . . . my BF has not even seen the original trilogy!
I know, I know, I should have asked this kind of question before I got involved - sigh, but it is too late now :wink:


Oh. My. Yoda.

You got to tell him to get on with the Force or shoot him down with the Dump Star !!!


I am working on him - sigh.
He keeps telling me it is a ‘cultural’ thing because he wasn’t raised in the US - but I think 28 years is long enough to be obligated to watch Star Wars.
Really there should probably be a question on the citizenship test! :smile:




Deport me now. I was born here and have ZERO desire to watch them.


Hey I wasn’t raised in the US so that’s not an excuse LOL


I understand you completely. …but you have just convinced yourself that an even more expensive package is a good deal😁. Disney are so good at this😉.






Yeah LOL totally. Disney are the very best at making my money disappear !!!


I am all about justifying things - just to myself - no one else cares LOL
I had enough points for my flight on my upcoming trip, so decided that I could do something ‘extra’
I am pretty sure at this point I have spent that ‘flight savings’ 3 times :rofl:


Wouldn’t you like to be the Disney employee who says, ‘hmmm I will give them A and C but not B or D for $, then I could tease them with half of B for $$, then ask $$$$$ for D… and they probably didn’t even know they wanted D!’?


Brilliant. :joy:


And THAT is exactly what you tell her! I love Star Wars myself, so I can’t help otherwise. But as I read what you said there, you had me convinced, even if you switched it all to “Lord of the RIngs”. (Gag!) :rofl:



Holy hand grenade of antioch !!!

Now, if ever there ever is a Lord of the Rings “Land” at Disney, I am DOOMED. I shall quit my job and give them all my gold pieces and curl up and die happy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds about right for me, too!


I am in the same boat with a husband and 7 year old twins boys who LOVE Star Wars. Has anyone done the new tour? Is there time throughout the day to do other things? I’m still a fan of taking midday breaks so I’m nervous we’d be using all of our time at Star Wars stuff and nothing else at HS. Right now we just have one day planned in HS.

Any reviews of the new tour with kids?


There are some reviews you’ll find if you google ‘‘hollywood studios star wars guided tour reviews’’. Looks like it’s over by 3 pm (sometimes earlier). All the reviews I saw were great. For kids it’s especially awesome cause it guarantees them a spot for Jedi training academy.