Star Wars: Galaxy Far, Far Away

Is this a parade, or a show? Where does it take place? Is it worth spending time on if a midday break is an option?

It’s on the stage in front of the Chinese Theatre, all the characters come on one at a time and then all together. Honestly it’s incredibly rubbish. I wouldn’t go out of your way to see it. Though we did, as DH loves Boba Fett and there was no other way to see him.

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that’s kinda what i was guessing MsOX … nice if you happen to see it, but not worth going out of your way. so much of TP advises not to even bother with HS right now! WOW!!

Well we love HS, we did 2.5 days there last trip. But I am not as keen on Star Wars as DH and the kids!

AGREED ~ i’m not crazy about this alien invasion … i wish WDW had teamed up with TCM and expanded on their tribute to classic Hollywood Films theme!


I agree, it’s skippable.

The March of the First Order though is great fun, and you should definitely make time to see it. Try and get a spot at the crossroads, for the interaction between Stormtroopers and kids, and then follow the march up to the stage area.


a-ha!! i think this is the thing i was thinking of … thanks so much Nicky! everything starts to sound the same after a while (esp when your head is spinning!)

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ARGH!!! it looks like March of the First Order isn’t happening when they’re there mid-July!! :frowning:

I’d be surprised if it wasn’t, I don’t recall it ever not being on before.

it’s not showing up in TS plans … i’ll keep checking in and work it into the sched if/when it pops up! TY!

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There aren’t times showing for July on the WDW website either.

But I’m sure they will update the times soon. I see no reason why they would cancel it just as TSL is opening - they need other things for people to do!


feeling more confindent ~ thank you! :slight_smile:

I am a SW geek and both galaxy and the march made me cry like my cat meowing at the neighbor’s cat (noisily and bountiful, in case you’re wondering). I loved both and would heartily recommend them. Getting excited about them again right now. My DM was a bit more underwhelmed, so your opinion may vary.

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LOL i totally get the cat reference! my brother and nephew are big SW geeks, so i imagine they will love all things SW!!