Star Wars Galactic Spectacular or Park Hop to MK

Hello, Our trip is just 31 days away! Traveling with DH, DD3, DS 10, and DS 7. I am trying to finalize our touring plans. My question is for our last day. Touring plans increased the crowd level prediction for HS on this day to an 8. I was kicking myself for not getting an EMM Toy Story reservation since they were showing as sold out for weeks and I think my family is going to love SDD and TSMM. Then, earlier this week, the 7 am slot became available again, so I booked it ( I am glad I was able to get one, but now this worries me that they are selling additional tickets for EMM.) We have ADR for Sci-Fi at 6:50. The original plan was to skip Fantasmic, but get a good spot for Star Wars Galactic Spectacular since DS10 is a Star Wars fan though the rest of the family isn’t so much. Anyways, now Disney has extended hours for MK until 11 pm for that day. My question after that long intro is - Should we skip Star Wars Galactic to be able to spend 2 more hours in the evening at MK? This would also allow any members of the family who are exhausted by this point to stay at the hotel instead (mainly my not so much a Disney fanatic like the rest of us husband.) We are staying at the Contemporary, so it would be quite easy to split up.

How badly does he want to see it? You could always play it by ear and decide that evening

He’s not really aware of what it is yet, and I am not sure I want to tell him in case we decide to do the Magic Kingdom instead. What he doesn’t know, won’t hurt him. Do they advertise the Galactic Spectacular around the park during the day, or is it possible to keep him none the wiser about what he is missing? :wink: