Star Wars fireworks show?

Can someone tell me about the Star Wars fireworks show? We’ll be there in June. Where is it located? Do you know if it will be certain nights? Where is a good spot to watch? Is there a dessert party or restaurant to book to watch from? It’s our first time ever at Disney.

It’s a combination of fireworks and projections. The projections are primarily on the face of the GMR building, so the ideal spot is somewhere directly in front of the GMR.The show schedule for this has been somewhat “fluid”; it was every night when it opened last summer, then cut back to 4 nights a week, then went away completely for a while to make way for the Christmas show, then it came back… If it follows last year’s model, then it should be every night in the summer - but that’s pure conjecture. As far as I know, there are no dining packages, but there is a dessert party (I’ve never done it). I believe you book it the same way you make other ADRs

What @bswan26 said. I will only add that it’s an amazing show!

Does anyone know what time this usually is? I’ll be visiting WDW in May and already signed up for a Fantasmic dinner package. No Star Wars fireworks appear on a schedule yet but it would be virtually a must-see for us if they’re going to happen. Thanks!

They have been showing up on the schedule about 6-8 weeks before the date. Some weeks they are not scheduled every night so try to plan a little flexibility in your nights if they are important.

That’s so frustrating, as you have to make reservations to eat 180 days prior and fastpasses 60 days prior. I am going to be so upset if I have to change my Epcot day around, but I would really love to see this show. Crossing my fingers!

It is! I researched and found some articles that talked about what nights the fireworks were scheduled when they were not offered every night. I ended up planning a Saturday night. The park is going to very busy- it closes at 8 and I wished I had planned a EMH night but I am stuck. They scheduled them every night leading up to the week I am going (with projected crowds of at least 7)- my week they are not scheduled two nights.