Star Wars Fireworks / October Dates and Times

I think I missed something about Star Wars Fireworks dates and Times for October and November. The show is not going to happen every night? If so, do you think they will add more dates? What a bummer if it is set in stone,
Any insight will help. Thank You

Nobody knows. Keep checking I guess and good luck!

This will give you info for Oct. Nov hasn’t been released yet, but if I was a gambler I’d say it would be very similar to Oct - at least through Thanksgiving. Looks like Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat at either 7:30 or 7:45.


Thanks for the info.

If you had to guess, when in Dec do you think the Fireworks will be on later please? We are going 14th and really hoping for early fireworks. I have a back up for just DH and myself on Mon 19th.

My “guess” is that the times will probably remain the same, but there may be more nights per week as the time gets closer to Christmas and the crowds start building.

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@bswan26 if you care to make another guess, lol…what time do you think they may be on November 30th, a night when HS closes at 7?

I’m honored that people think I’m psychic, but really, these are total guesses. If I was going to be there in November, I would assume that it would look just like October. They can change park hours just as easily as they can add or delete shows…


Lol thank you! I was assuming as much…any idea when they may grace us with the November information?

They released October dates on September 2nd, with dessert party tickets going on sale the day after that. I may or may not have been incredibly frustrated by the late announcement (OK, truth be told, I was desperate to get information). So don’t hold your breath :confused:

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Thank you

Thanks @Frozen_Norwegians - Maybe we can see November on Oct 1 or 2. Ughhhh. I hate waiting.

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I know this topic has been beaten to death, lol…but just waking up this thread to see if anyone has heard additional details on November SW fireworks info.? I am keeping my eyes peeled…specifically hoping the info. will come out BEFORE my 60 day FPP date (Sept. 29) - realistic or wishful thinking??? :grimacing:

OK it’s October 2! I was hoping to see November dates for SW fireworks today, lol!! Maybe tomorrow since it’s Monday!

I know we’ve talked this topic to death but I checked just now and still no info. for rest of November, I’d probably expect to see it this week though - anyone else think so?