Star Wars fireworks missing?

I see the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular is not on the touring plans schedules starting in July. Is it ending or just just not announced times yet?

It is ending. I think they are replacing it with a projection show about Disney animation (all studios). My family has no interest :frowning:

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Nooo! We are going in September, and I was looking forward to my kids seeing this show :weary:

Do you have a source for that? I haven’t seen any sites carry that news.

As far as I know, the animation show replaces the one they used to have which was shown much earlier in the evening.

Now once Galaxy Edge opens, whether or not the Star Wars evening show will continue is unknown. But for now, AFAIK, it will continue. It would be pointless stopping it, when they want to up the anticipation for SW:GE.

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They do tend to add those times to the calendar later than the rest. Unless Disney announce otherwise I would absolutely work on the assumption that they will be happening. :slight_smile:

I agree with @Nickysyme. I really don’t think they would do away with the SW Fireworks. It truly is a great show. The show before it, think its called Movie Magic could be what is changing.

This is the news of the new show carried by WDWMagic last year.

It specifically says it is expected to replace the Disney Movie Magic show that ran last year.

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My mistake, TP pulled the show as an option for my July trip at the same time the Animation show opens so I made an assumption. There was a previous thread about it not being available on May 4th, which furthered that assumption. Looks like it had been added to May on Disney’s site now, so good news!


All of June has now been added. I noticed the same thing happening with the Jedi Training, on Feb 4th they only had until March 2nd times. Today they have until March 9th. Dessert Party is only until May 31st though.

I know this is old, but I just noticed it’s not in my plans for October. I googled and read somewhere (sorry, forgot) that they are extended at least through October, but only 4 nights a week instead of 7.
Any updates?