Star Wars fireworks - can kids get good a view or do we have to do dessert party?

My DS7 loves Star Wars, and has never seen Disney fireworks, so we are planning to see the Star Wars fireworks at DHS in October. But will he be able to see the show (projections and all) properly in the crowd? Do we have to get dessert party tickets to make sure he will not just look at an adult back instead of the show? (we are not interested in the desserts, so would prefer not to do the party…) Anyone here have thoughts on this?

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Following, would love to hear from anyone who has seen the new show, where they watched from etc. I read a blog on someone who’d done it and they thought it was the best value of all the dessert parties. The location is about or has just changed. It’s changing to being inside first for the desserts and drinks, then led out, but don’t know to where.


We saw the Star Wars fireworks on Wed 6/29. We did not do the dessert party, so I can’t comment on that. Earlier in the day a very nice CM pointed out the best vantage point to see it all… front and center in front of the Chinese Theatre (aka Great Movie Ride) at the end of Hollywood Blvd where there is an open area in the form of a semi-circle. It was a great location, and most everyone had a decent view. You are looking up for most of the show, so kids should be ok. The problem is, people started claiming their spots by 8:15 - 8:30 for a 9:45 show. (We were finished for the day anyway, so we just camped out there and ate popcorn!) We are not huge Star Wars fans, but I have to say it was pretty spectacular! (Don’t want to spoil it by giving too many details.) I thought it would take forever to get to the exit afterward, but it actually cleared pretty fast.


Thank you so much, @Tate and @poohfanclub!

Has anyone here done the Star Wars dessert party recently? Was it worth it for the view?

Does anyone know more about the rumors @Tate is refering til - will the dessert party be changed into an event where you eat indoors first and then are led outside for the show? I assume that would mean everyone at the party will try to beat one another for the best spots to see the show… just what we want to avoid by doing the party :unamused:

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Hi @Frozen_Norwegians. The view for the dessert party is specacular. Right in-front of the Great Movie Ride. The crowds outside this area are really cramped and people start lining up almost 2 hours in advance depending on the day. The dessert party was held at the same spot, but please note the change on July 10th for the dessert party:

Beginning July 10, 2016, check-in will take place in front of Star Wars Launch Bay, located in the Animation Courtyard.
At the current time, the party location is outdoors and uncovered. In the event of inclement weather, the dessert party may be moved to an alternate indoor location.
Beginning July 10, 2016, the party will take place inside Star Wars Launch Bay. Guests will then be escorted to an outdoor VIP viewing section for Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular 15 minutes prior to the show.

Showing up normally 15 minutes prior you would not have great viewing. So having some dessert and then heading to the show to the VIP area sounds great.

Keep in mind depending on when Fantasmic is or if there are 2 shows, you would not be able to see that show and the dessert party as well based on check-in times.


Thank you SO much, @bobiben! I am convinced - we should do the party. Now all we have to do is wait for the party tickets to go on sale… anybody know how long beforehand they do? We will be in WDW first week of October - I can’t wait :smile: