Star Wars Dine In Galactic Breakfast

Anyone do this last year? Was it the usual atmosphere (dark and with the film clips running) plus a few characters? I read that you get photos with Vader and Boba Fett upon entering. Was this your experience? Was it worth doing once? We like character meals because we would never wait in the hot sun for a M&G–even during SWW. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

My impression was that the food and characters are great, but the lighting is horrid for photos.

I haven’t done it, but here’s a review that I enjoyed reading about it.

I did this last year and it was great. Yes, we got pics with Darth and Boba upon entering. I’m doing it again this year too.

Also, all the clips running are Star Wars clips or Star Wars related. It was Awesome. As a star wars geek, I highly recommend it. THe character interactions were fantastic.

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I’m doing this for the first time on May 15. How did you get such great pictures? Did you just use flash or just really great at photography?


a few have flash. the lighting inside is still rather dark and I had to use the flash in a few cases. I think I mainly used the camera on my phone. The vader/boba shot is the photopass/memory maker pic.

That’s pretty good for phone pictures. I’m going to try some test shots so I can hopefully get good pictures. Glad to hear it will be worth it. My husband is so excited.

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I thought it was too expensive for a breakfast, even by Disney standards, and didn’t provide enough interaction with the characters. The movie clips may make it worth trying once, though.

Here’s my full review:

We did it this year and absolutely LOVED IT! The photopass picture is great, but Darth Vader and Boba Fett do not sign autographs. They do have pre signed autographs available for you if you would like one. Breakfast was expensive but absolutely delish! I would totally pay it again for the experience (I’m coming with you, right @DarthDopey?). The only disappointing thing for us was we had the latest reservation available, and missed some character interaction with jawas because of it, as they were wrapping up as we were getting seated. I would not get a late reservation again.

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