Star Wars Dessert Party Oct Schedule

Still no dates listed for October. Not sure I’ll spend that much money, but just wanted to be sure they were still going to be having the show!

Is it late for them not to have the October schedule out to reserve? Maybe this is normal, but I can find a conspiracy behind every tree!

I’m waiting for the October dates as well. I’ve been watching the calendar for the SW dessert party literally every day. It seems like they open a block of 10-14 days or so at a time. I think the last block they opened was a couple of weeks ago, so I expect that we’ll see some more dates be available soon – that is, if they will be having the fireworks during October. I hope so.

I am waiting for the October schedule too. I had to laugh when I saw that my dashboard checklist told me to book dessert party tickets at 180 days. Today I am at 32 days, and there is still no schedule for the HS fireworks. Please, Disney, we really need that schedule. Now.

October is out on Disney’s site and unless I’m clicking wrong, The fireworks aren’t occurring for any of our nights. ;-( The kids (and Dad!) are gonna be bummed.

@cheesekids - Where did you find the October dates for the Star Wars fireworks? I’m still missing where they are listed. Thanks for the help!

I’m only seeing Fantasmic for a random date in October at DHS that I pulled up (Oct 28th, 2016). Has anyone asked either the Disney Mom group, or called in to Disney to ask?

It may be just a summer thing… the fireworks, the dessert party… because Fantasmic is such a big draw, this is another one to kind of separate the crowds into two special events.

We’re doing the villian’s club dinner and dessert party (and man, was it expensive!), but I will put up a review of it when I get back.

Keep checking that schedule, and if I hear anything, I’ll let you know.
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~ Imaginette ~

On main WDW page, I typed in “star wars fireworks” in search box in upper right corner. When I did this yesterday, all of October states were “blue” meaning they were links. When I clicked on my dates (Halloween weekend) all of them said it was not available. Clicking around, the only day I saw that it was available in October was 10/1.

This morning, when I look at October, all of the dates except 10/1 are “greyed-out” and are no longer links.

Now I’m not sure what to think!

That’s crazy!! Maybe they were testing and you just hit at the right time?

I’ll keep waiting . . . patiently. :slight_smile: They’ve got to decide what they’re doing sooner or later, right?

Hopefully sooner! :hushed: I am 30 days out and can hardly take the wait anymore…