Star Wars Dessert Party Booking

I was considering adding this dessert party to my plans in May 2020. However it’s not available to book anytime after March. I’ve read that these types of events can open for booking later than 180 days (which I’v already passed), so I’m aware this may just be what’s happening but I’m wondering if anyone knows anything more? Like, is it slated to stop/discontinue?
AND If you’ve had this happen (with any dessert party or paid event) what was your timeline for it opening…like how many days out?

I booked it for my January 2020 trip and just became available a couple of weeks ago to book. They are notorious for not rolling out dates for things like this until a month or two before hand. Don’t fear – I’m sure they’ll be added!

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Dessert Parties and other specialty dining things are often some of the last things that come available to book. I always assumed they’re waiting for finalized park hours, finding out if there are any private events booked that might use spaces, figuring out staffing numbers, etc.

Like @sclong77 said, January’s just recently became available less than 60 days out. I wouldn’t stress until late March or early April.

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I booked my Dining reservations on the first day of opening at 180 days out (July 4). My arrival day is December 31st. After months of daily checking, I finally got to book the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party at Epcot on December 14th.

They definitely waited until the last minute to allow booking. It has been a frustrating experience.

Fantasmic dessert was available immediately (if I remember correctly). Happily Ever After dessert party I was able to book on September 15.

So it can open at anytime. There’s not much rhyme or reason to their process from an outsider’s perspective.

With the general popularity of the SW Dessert party along with Galaxy’s Edge in full swing, you may do well to check daily.

Good luck

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