Star Wars Bounding/ Outfits

Looking for help with allowable costumes for Star Wars. DS13 wants to dress as Mandolorian. I have read all I can find on what is allowable. No hard armor. What about soft/fabric interpretation of armor? Any suggestions on where to find other Bounders?

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I’m not a starwars bounder. But when it comes to costumes usually its fine if you don’t look exactly like or almost exactly like the character. They don’t want guests confusing you with a CM. So make sure what ever you do you look like a guest dressed up. Keeping things off your face is a good start.
Soft fabric for metal sounds cool! I’ve even seen reflective silver soft fabric. If your crafty you can add that to a shirt and pants.
Is this the image you are trying to mimic?

Another eay to achieve the helmet without actually bringing a helmet is to make a hat that looks like the face shield part is raised. Just make sure it is static and cant be pulled over the face or Disney may call you on it.

I like bounding more than actual character. So for me I would have charcoal brown khaki pants, brown boots, a silver grey shirt with a brown canvas belt that mimics this characters.
If it’s cool out, Id make some gloves but not that goes up the arm and maybe with the finger tips cut off.
These are cool!

They come in a brown too. So if that works with the boots and belt it would be pretty awesome.
There has to be a way to tie in the helmet but I haven’t had that much experience with hat bounding. If you can find a cap with some of those lines that resemble the helmet, that could work maybe.

Galaxy’s Edge has the most leeway with bounding. Pretty much no masks or things that cover your face and no hard armor or weapons. Almost anything else should be okay! Oh, except capes and long skirts that go to the ground.

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Are you on Instagram? I follow some Star Wars cosplayers/bounders there. I can recommend them if you can access Instagram!

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