Star Wars Attractions with a Heart Condition

I have a friend who is a huge Star Wars fan and finally seems interested in a Disney Trip due to all the new Star was stuff. He was recently diagnosed with an aortic aneurism, though, and is obviously committed to avoiding activities that could affect his heart. What would he have to cut out, and what could he still enjoy? Not looking for a medical guarantee, of course, just an idea to start with.

So are all rides out then? There’s still droid depot, Savi workshop, Oga’s cantina, tons of shopping, and just general sightseeing in SWGE. Also displays and characters at launch bay. And random characters wandering around SWGE. Plus food and drink options. So quite a bit still.

Wow. Even Star Tours has a health warning. I’d say it’s not worth the risk, enjoy the rest of the land. I hope your friend loves Wampa buying!!

I think most rides have a risk. People with heart conditions should speak with their physicians and follow their recommendations.

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Don’t forget there is the phone app game. I’ve heard it is fun and gets you noticed by stormtroopers :smile: