Star Wars at Sea

Does anyone know why DCL doesn’t do more of their Star Wars at Sea or Marvel at Sea cruises? It seems like they only do them in the winter. I’m assuming it is just a way to generate some additional travelers in the slow season, but I sure wish they would do them in the spring. We just booked our second DCL for 7 nights on the Western Caribbean itinerary in April. Can’t wait!

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That is exactly why. It is a slower cruise season. They don’t need to add gimmicks in the Spring and Summer. I think the first year they did Star Wars they did it into April and got a lot of complaints about there being no 7-night option that was JUST Disney during the Spring Break season. (It’s bad enough they don’t have a 7-night option JUST Disney option for Feb break.)

Got it. I just wish they would do some at other times, too. Maybe not every week, but every once in a while. My kids would love Star Wars on the boat, but February is not an option for us due to my work schedule. Oh well.