Star Wars at DHS


A few questions to help in planning our tricky DHS day in April, predicted CL8.

Jedi Training sign ups: We’re planning to rope drop EMH, what time would you aim to get to the park gates to be at the front of the sign up queue? We want to do this as would prefer a morning show as have heard it’s less likely to rain and also presumably more bearable to be out in the sun for the performance.

Jedi Training performance: How far in advance do the younglings have to turn up? My TP has us arriving 15 minutes in advance but is that just to watch the show rather than to participate? How long does it last? TP says 15 minutes but Disney site says 20 - which do you think is more accurate for participants?

March of the first order: Any tips on a good place to watch this and how far in advance should we be in position?

Star Tours: Anyone had much luck getting same day FPP for this? (We’re a group of 5!) We could fit it in earlier in our day with about a 20 minute wait but I’ve read reports of it making people feel really dizzy and sick and I don’t want any negative side effects to impact on the rest of our plans! But standby waits later in the day are loooong……….

Any tips most welcome :grinning:

You have to be back 30 mins before the show, and with the show and getting their badge and handing back robes, I’d say it’s another 30 mins for participation.

We’ve never had any trouble getting ST FP even late in the evening.


GWith Toy Story Land Open, most people at rope drop, whether EMH or not, will head straight to TSL. So getting there 30 minutes before Open should be fine to get your pick of shows.

To take part, the kids need to be there 30 minutes before. I would allow 30 minutes for the show, they need to take off their robes etc. Not sure where that happens though.

Star Tours does cause issues for some people, but I’m not sure dizzy is the problem. It’s a simulator, jerky at times and feeling nauseous would be how I would describe any possible side effects.

For the March of the First Order, I think the crossroads is a good place. See below for why! Most people won’t necessarily know, so if you get there 20-30 minutes before and just sit on the kerb you’ll have a great spot. Try and get just above the crossroads, nearer to the stage.

There is some interaction between a couple of Storm Troopers and a child somewhere round the crossroads. If any of your kids are nervy, just tell them to stand behind you when the March reaches the crossroads. But they won’t approach a scared looking child though! This is Disney after all. They are more likely to approach a child dressed as Rey or on the “Light side”..

Oh and you can then follow the March up towards the stage area for the show. It isn’t extensive, but it’s quite cool.


Are you referring to the gift shop here?

I mean the junction between Hollywood Blvd (the main path from the entrance) and Sunset Blvd (to ToT, RnR & Fantasmic).

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I’ve not been before so trying to work out where you mean on the wdw map. Do you think sitting on the pavement outside the Keystone Clothiers would be a good spot?

Thanks for all your detailed tips!

Yep, but I would make sure you’re past the turning onto Sunset Blvd. To make it easier, look on the map for Starring Rolls Cafe. That corner is where you want to be.

I can post a link to the map, I just haven’t worked out how to draw on an image on my iPad yet :thinking:

The storm troopers will look for a likely target on either side of the road but it was always past the Sunset Blvd turning when I was there.

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Sounds like it’s best to watch the March and then the show, not the other way around?

The storm troopers march up Hollywood Blvd and then take part in the show.

So yes, unless you want to schedule it twice.

This is all brilliant advice, thanks so much! Weirdly half of your original post wasn’t there until just now so this all makes a lot more sense now!

TP has times for the two shows that are kind of all over the place on the days we’re there sometimes the March precedes the show, sometimes after, sometimes they’re not related. I think they’re just wrong this far out.

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I meant to add somewhere, once the storm troopers pass, there are some CMs with a rope just behind certain guests (I guess those on a tour or VIPs). Then you can join in and follow them all the way down so you have a centre view of the stage for the show.

Also the whole March is shown on the screens on either side of the stage, if you prefer to wait in front of the stage. Personally I think the March itself is more fun, even though it is just a walk past, albeit with some moments of interaction.


I really don’t think you will have any issue with getting your choice of times for Jedi Training. We did EMM and then made our way over (I almost forgot :woman_facepalming:) and still had our choice of times. I definitely think it took us an hour total for participation. One of us took my son to the meetup place while the others finished dinner and went to the stage.

I am prone to motion sickness and ST hit me a little on a previous trip, but our most recent trip I was okay. I’m thinking if you (or others in your group are prone to motion sickness) maybe schedule a little break after. My most recent trip I also took dramamine that morning so MAYBE that had something to do with it.

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ST made me feel very ill but the rest of my family were fine, and it was one of their favorite rides. If you don’t have a FPP I would do it early in the day.

HS was my first true RD in that we arrived an hour before opening. There were probably 150 people in front of us - all heading to TSL.

We waited too long to sign up for JTA (all slots were full by 10:30,) but we did get a show. Sign up next door to 50s Prime Time - there is a tarp like roof over the area where you register. It is not as close to the performing stage as I expected it to be. Check in is 30 min ahead of time. The show itself was less than 20 min. We did a 3:40 show and made it to Sci-Fi for a 4:00 reservation.

We watched the Star Wars show first and then made our way to the the intersection of Sunset and Hollywood across from the Starbuck’s. We grabbed a snack and sat on the curb about 10 minutes before they were scheduled to march. My family just thought we were taking a break - they were so surprised when the stormtroopers stopped right in front of us! (Thanks, Liners!)

Just a note - The sun was in our eyes for most of the Star Wars show, so you may want to select a viewing time for a little earlier in the day.