Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away Pyro - How Loud?

I note that the description of Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away ends by stating " Last but not least, everyone’s favorite ball 'o droid BB-8 rises from the stage to create a fantastic grouping of Star Wars characters with pyro booming from the stage."

We have a child on the autism spectrum and one of his quirks is that he hates sudden, loud noises. He hates fireworks shows, they really bother him.

How big/loud is the pyro in this show?

Thanks so much!

Its loud popping type fireworks.

There are several youtube videos that show the whole show. My son also has autism. He wears headphones for loud noises, but mostly being prepared, by watching the youtube videos helps him tremendously. Then he knows what to expect and when, instead of being nervous about it the whole time. I hope that helps you.

Thank you!