Star Wars A Galactic Spectacular in November 2018?

Hello, I am revisiting my touring plans for Tuesday, November 27, 2018 and notice that the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular is now producing a red “Action Required”. When I initially set up this days plan I had no issues with the SW spectacular? But now it says:

“Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular does not have any shows scheduled for this date.
After you have resolved the above issue, click here to enable Optimize and Evaluate.
This will only try to enable the Optimize and Evaluate buttons; no steps will be changed or evaluated.”

And when you go to the Disney website to look into the show dates, there are none past September 30, 2018.

Does anyone know if it Is just to soon to know what the show times will be or is there a chance the show will not run when we are there?

I don’t know when the Christmas fireworks start but could possibly be during your stay since it’s only a month to Christmas.

I don’t know about Christmas Fireworks? Are you referring to the fireworks at Magic Kingdom? Because the only fireworks I know off at Hollywood Studios is Fantasmic and the Star Wars Fireworks. And I have experienced the Fantasmic show a couple times now, but never had a chance to see the Star Wars Fireworks and am wondering if they will even have them when we are there in November?

No I’m referring to Jingle Bam Jangle Bam or something like that, which replaces Star Wars fireworks during the Christmas season. And may well start in November.

I see thanks, ya I just looked that up. I hope they don’t replace star wars with that again this year! That will be a bummer. Does anyone know if they will be doing this again this year?

I assume they will. Does it show up in your plan now that Star Wars doesn’t? If neither are there, then they are probably waiting for Disney to confirm showtimes and you’ll have to check again in a month or so.

It is my understanding that Jingle Bell Jingle Bam will be showing during this time. It affects our trip earlier in November as well.


Last year, JBJB! started on Thursday, Nov. 9. That was also the date for the first MVMCP at MK.


It is almost certain that JBJB will replace the Star Wars show from sometime in November to about a week before Christmas. The date is yet to be confirmed.

After that, both will run each night. One early, around 6ish and one after Fantasmic.

Well that is a disappointment, I was looking forward to that! Oh well??

Don’t get me wrong I’m not scrooge McDuck here and love Christmas… But IMO They should have just kept The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights going, which was amazing BTW, instead of water it down to a seasonal fireworks show that they have to replace Star Wars fireworks with.

Agreed. Unfortunately they bull-dozed Streets of America for Star Wars land. Not sure why they couldn’t use Sunset Blvd (?) - the one going down to Fantasmic and ToT.

So sad I never got to see the Osbourne Christmas Lights.

Oh, the Christmas lights were beautiful! I’ll miss them on our Christmas visit this year. However, I’m looking forward to the fireworks.

I got the same message on my touring plans but my trip is the end of October (23-28). I wouldn’t think that jingle bell, jingle bam would start that early. So, I am not sure what is going on with Star Wars: a Galactic spectacular. My husband was really bummed when we didn’t get to see it this past November. When I told him that as of right now, it is not showing any dates past September 30th, he was really disappointed

It’s likely just not scheduled yet at that time.

TP shows what they expect to happen, but when Disney releases their info lots of things disappear, and only come back once Disney adds it to their program. In Dec 2016 they were showing both at HS. I wouldn’t worry yet, but maybe pencil in another evening where you could pop over. It’s easy to hop between EP & HS

I received the same message on my PTP for October 18th. Like above, surely they won’t be showing JBJB that early. But…maybe they’ll be switching from SWAGS to JBJB during that time? I guess only time will tell.

Slightly different topic…If Star Wars fire works are scheduled for a night at 8:30 and fantasmic at 8:00, my guess is by the time you get out of fantasmic, Star Wars fireworks would be over?

Ya I have asked that question before myself. You have to choose between one or the other from what I have been told.

You can kind of do both by leaving F! as soon as the boat appears and hustling to the best position you can get for SW, but you won’t be able to see the projections so it’s not worth doing in my opinion, if you just pick one you can see it properly.

cool. Have seen Fantasmic once - not hubbers fave; so will go with Star Wars for September trip

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