Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular for young kids?

We’re returning to WDW in May 2019 with DD who will be 4 and DS who will be 6. I would love to see the SW fireworks, but I just took a gander on youtube and I worry it won’t be appropriate for the kiddos. It seemed kind of violent, relatively speaking. For context, they’ve never seen the movies as I think they’re not old enough. (Not to judge other parents who let their kids watch at young ages; to each their own.) DD and DS tend to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Curious George, and G movies like Moana, the Incredibles, and Wall-E. DD still gets a bit scared at those movies sometimes though she still asks to watch them and does enjoy watching them.

I don’t worry about the noise and lights or anything. They do love fireworks displays.

What do you think? Are the SW fireworks too scary, intense, or violent for the younger set? Am I being overprotective?

(Also, am I weird that I’d rather have my kids exposed to the human form than to people hurting each other? Not that I want them watching inappropriate content of any kind, but I feel like a lot more people get why I wouldn’t want them seeing nudity and fewer people get why I wouldn’t want them seeing violence. Even things like characters hitting and shoving each other. Maybe it’s because I don’t have much of a problem getting them to keep clothes on, but we do have the occasional incident where one of them hits or pushes.)

Note: The Incredibles are PG, for “action violence.” Otherwise, sorry, I can’t speak to your concerns.

Haven’t really seen them, so no comment.

Not only do I not think you’re weird, I wholeheartedly concur.

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I agree too. I think it’s important for kids to know about their bodies and the opposite sex and what is private and how all sorts of different body types exist and no one should be ashamed of their body type.

However, for the violence and such things, I try not to hide the ugly truth from my son (while still keeping it as age-appropriate as possible). I’d rather explain to him why it’s bad. He knows about war and famine and stuff, but I avoid showing him graphic images that could scare him or give him nightmare.

I haven’t seen the star wars fireworks…but if your kids aren’t into star wars, I’m not sure I’d stay for the fireworks. I would think they would be much more interested in HEA? My almost 7 year olds have seen all of the movies and absoultely love them and we’ve signed up for the star wars guided tour which includes the star wars fireworks dessert party. I would guess that if your kids haven’t seen the movies (and are afriad of some other G movies), they probably wont’ be interested.

I haven’t seen fastasmic, but is that an option for you?

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The major selling point of the SW fireworks is the projections of the films. I honestly don’t think they’ll get anything out of it if they’re not familiar with the films. There aren’t an awful lot of fireworks.

I don’t think they are even slightly scary, intense or violent. I do think your kids will be bored.

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Thanks, everyone, for the feedback! It sounds like the SW fireworks may not be interesting for the kids.

Whoops! Thanks for the correction. Weirdly enough, DD is a lot more scared during Wall-E than the Incredibles.