Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Fireworks

Here’s a video of the brand new firework show at DHS that opened today:


Beautiful! Thanks for posting that here!

Half the reason DBF wants to go on this trip is for Star Wars stuff. He is going to love love LOVE that show. I won’t send him a link though, he doesn’t follow Disney stuff enough to know there’s a new show that’s different from what he watched a video of earlier this year and pronounced to be “pretty cool”. So there’s a good chance he will be surprised. :tada:

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Thank you! It looks so awesome! My husband is going to FLIP. OUT. when he sees this show. 40 more days. :slight_smile:

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Hi thanks for posting this I’m hoping to catch when we visit in July.

What time did it happen? In particular do you think it changed crowd flows around Fantasmic.

Any chance it will appear in the list of attractions in Touring Guide soon?

Thanks for throwing this up there. Looking forward to catching this when we visit in late July.

watched with the kiddies - not easily impressed - but this is impressive (even on the computer)