Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party - May?


Any idea when they will take reservations for May ?


It has been 4-6 weeks before the month so soon?


My guess is that they will open late this week/early next week. Parties during April 8-30 opened on 2/19.


also watching for this. nerve wracking because I don't want to miss it heh.


I'm checking multiple times a day, I'll post when I see it


May is selectable online but it's not open yeti. I called they're still only taking reservations up to 4/29


This may be a silly I need to call to make reservations for this dessert party or can I purchase online?


You will be able to book online when it's open.


Just got my reservation for May 19!!


Thanks scrapper - just got my reservation!




Just made our reservations. Thank you so much! :grin::grin:




Anyone going 5/3. ?


We are going 5/3!