Star tours to Galaxy's edge?

This might be a silly question but I haven’t seen it addressed anywhere…are there any plans to relocate star tours to GE, at either park? I’m thinking it’s too much to actually pull off, since it would have to be rebuilt, not just changing the load point like with TSMM…

No, it won’t be moved.

It seems the most likely plan is that it will stay for a couple of years, and then get re-done with a new IP theme.

Interesting. I never paid attention to this. I just kind of presumed that the location of Star Tours would somehow tie-in to Galaxy’s Edge. But it sounds like that isn’t the case? (I tried to do a search on-line that shows the location of Galaxy’s Edge in relation to Star Tours, but I didn’t immediately find anything.)

I think this picture shows a pretty good overview with ST being off to the left and GE being, well, that blob at the top.

Galaxy’s Edge entrance will be at the end of the Avenue beyond Muppets.

Originally the SW expansion was going to be behind Star Tours, and involved bulldozing the Indy arena. They changed the plans and now Star Tours is stuck inside the rest of the park.

At least it may help relieve the pressure on “Batuu” once it opens. The lines to even get in will be horrendous, even worse than Pandora. Unless you manage to get an FP. Star Tours will be very small consolation but maybe better than nothing!

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Ah. That makes sense.

I won’t mind if Star Tours is ultimately re-themed. The relatively recent update they did to it made the ride experience less fun than it was in the original form. Instead of being an experience, it feels more like an advertisement of the movies. I mean, seriously, how are Darth Vader and Kylo Ren existing simultaneously? That makes no sense whatsoever! So, I kind of hope they DO update it to something new and better.

Galaxy’s Edge will be about a year old by the time we go. so I’m fully anticipating that it will be busy. But our hope is that it will alleviate some of the demand for FOP! :slight_smile: