Star Tours Question

Hi all. We have huge Star Wars fans in our group this year, so we have an entire HS day de opted to just the SW stuff.

Question: how many time can we ride ST and get a different experience? Is it worth riding more than once or twice?

I heard from a CM there that there are over 100 combinations. The differences are subtle. So I don’t think you’d want to ride it 100 times. But you should certainly plan 2 or 3.
And you will not need an entire day to do all the SW stuff.

I did it 8 or 9 times in a 3 day span. The biggest differences I noticed were pretty cool, but there were only a few (maybe 3) BIG differences in those 8 or 9 times. I’d do it as many times as your equilibrium can take it along with how many times you start to get bored. It’s definitely cool, but after my 6th, the coolness wore off while I was hoping for a different scene.

There are about 4 or 5 segments to the ride. Each segment has several different possible pieces of video/ride experience. When you put these all together, you can get many different combinations, however on any given ride, you’ll probably see at least one and maybe 2 of the combinations that you’ve seen before and maybe even most of it a second time. It’s still fun, but don’t be disappointed about the repeats.

We usually go about 3 or 4 times, if we can, but that’s enough for my famly. Yours may be different. I don’t know if getting a different theatre makes any difference.

There are 2 possible opening segments, 4 possible destination segments, 4 possible message segments, and 3 possible ending segments, resulting in 96 unique combinations. See–_The_Adventures_Continue for details.


UNLESS it is modified as it was when we went last November prior to the The Force Awakens debut, where you’re guaranteed one segment will be a plug for the upcoming movie.

We thought we were just unlucky to get the same segment twice on two rides, found out later that it was pre-set.

I agree with @adamwsh up above. You will not need a whole day to experience all of the Star Wars stuff. I devoted an evening to it on our last trip and got it all in just fine. Arrived around 3, caught the march with Phasma, then the show, Star Tours, spent a while at Launch Bay and then back to get a spot for the fireworks show. We even snuck in an Indiana Jones show.
If you have a Disney Visa card, make sure you use that for your Kylo Ren M&G, the line was a whole lot shorter. It does close at 4pm though, so plan accordingly. We actually didn’t do that on the night we were there for star wars because I didn’t realize it closed at 4, but we had another day to be at DHS later on, so we decided to not get int he long line and just come back then.