Star Tours Nausea Logistics

Is there any way out and off if I get crazy nauseous during ride? Trip-planning and I’m remembering a visit age 15 where this ride knocked me down like no other. Going to take my Bonine and bring some ginger, and hoping that’s enough. But if not, wondering if there’s any escape possible? Can they turn it off if I waive my hands and gesticulate or am I stuck in there even if I’m barfing let alone politely asking out. Suggestions?

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I am not sure about letting you off the ride, but this ride really effects my motion sickness, as well. I am still able to ride it with my family, but I have to look down at the ground several times during the ride to avoid the nausea you are talking about. It does help, and I have not had to employ a barf bag, yet. :slight_smile:

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It is a pretty quick ride, 7 minutes according to TP, and it feels to me like at least a minute on each end is boarding and unloading without movement.

Short of a major medical issue, I don’t see them stopping the ride.

Personally, I can go on any rides without issue, but there is some sort of switch in my head that can sometimes turn on the nausea in enclosed rides with multiple motions. I always take preventative Bonine and do fine in ST, but the close your eyes trick reportedly can minimize issues if you feel it is too much.

I also feel like the newer movies and movements are somehow more natural than the original versions of these types of simulators, and don’t really bother me like they did when they first came out. Good luck!

I just look at the floor when I start feeling green. Those motion movie rides are the only thing that get to me.

I can walk my kids to ride and just wait for them after, I suppose? That would be the wise move. Is there a minimum age/height to be allowed to ride solo? If your permissive mother lets you and you are sitting next to your big brother?

7 to ride alone. Younger than 7 must be accompanied by someone 14 or older.

Talk to a CM. I do not think the back row moves as much.

Barringa major emergency, I doubt that they can/would stop it. The entire theater moves as a whole, so the amount of motion is the same no matter where you sit. I have no motion sickness issues (on any ride) so I can;t give you first hand advice. However, speaking as a physiologist, motion sickness in simulator rides is most commonly caused by sensory mismatch (the visuals and physical movement don’t match perfectly). This being the case, keeping your feet firmly on the floor and closing your eyes might help…

I understand what @bswan is saying about the whole theatre moving but since the back seats are connected to a wall, to me it feels different. I want the movement. So for me, I do not like sitting in the back.

I have heard of many people taking Bonine before rides like ST and it helps to prevent it. One time I was on the teacups with my kids and all of a sudden they decide to spin it fast…and I of course, was looking through the lens of my camera to get cool night/motion blur shots. Got cool shots but to the detriment of my stomach lol…I stepped off the ride dizzy and nauseous for a minute. Closing my eyes on the teacups helps FWIW!

Since this attraction was reimagined several years ago, it pushed me over into the very nauseous category - so I can no longer ride it. They will not stop mid-ride, even if you are green. The other important thing to keep in mind, is that there aren’t any bathrooms as you exit the show room.

Teacups mostly fine. I have problems with rides where movement does not match screen. Even sitting in a still theater when there is some sort of pretend roller coaster causes problems. (Don’t know how Universal is now, but back in the day, was problem with ride after ride.) Found a good thread on motion sickness on here, got my Bonine and ginger pills. I wonder if I can get sushi ginger delivered w/my groceries, hm. End of the day. Wish me luck. I love my kids.