Standby line = how long LL?

If Haunted Mansion standby line is 120min when I arrive for LL, how long will LL wait be?

If Indiana Jones standby line is 60min when I arrive for LL, how long will LL wait be?


Usually the LL line is static - you join up at a certain point regardless of how long standby is. In practice, the LL line can be a bit shorter if crowds are really low, because they don’t fill up all sections of the queue as much. In any case, I’d plan to wait about 10 minutes for Haunted Mansion and 15 for Indiana Jones (which has one of the longest LL queues in the park due to how much of the original queue is past the merge point).


Just to add to Jeff’s already great notes, if the LL’s are stretching to longer than 15-20 minutes, my experience is that they stop loading altogether from standby to try and keep the LL return lane close to, ideally under 15. For rides that experience frequent breakdowns & if they were unanticipated or longer than anticipated breakdowns & so LL’s were still distributed at a normal rate (so there is now a backlog of LL’s later in the day), occasionally you will see an LL get to 30, but that is definitely a fringe situation & the most frequent offender is Radiator Springs Racers.

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And where do things stand now on any limits to booking particular LLs? – for example if I want to ride Big Thunder once in morning and once at night, can both be LL or only one?

You can only book 1 LL per ride. So ride SB in the morning & LL later when lines build.