Standard room at Disneyland Hotel - sleeps 5?

I booked this because the Disney site says it sleeps 5, but I recently saw on a youtube video there does not appear to be a sleeper sofa or any other sleeping surface for a 5th person - looked like just 2 queens, the desk and dresser. Are there some rooms with a 5th sleeping surface and others without? Wondering if I need to get a blow-up mattress


They have rooms with just 2 queen beds, and others with 2 queens and a flip down sleeper sofa. With 5 on your reservation, they should automatically put you in one with the sleeper, but if not just ask at the front desk and they will change your room. We only had 3 when we stayed there last July, and originally had a room with just the 2 beds. I asked if they could change it to one with the sleeper, and it was no problem. Hope you love DLH, it is my favorite resort there.


And often the standard view rooms have a better view imho because you can see the fireworks to the right of the parking lot if you are in the Fantasyland building.

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Yeah they won’t let you book more people into the room than the room accommodates. You’re all good!

Yes, sometimes it’ll say on the site that the 2 bedroom suite sleep 8-9 people and you’re trying to book it with 9 people and it says you can’t but if you go in with 8 it says you can…it knows how many of each type of room it has and how many people have already booked that room with 9 people so if the only suite left only sleeps 8, another party of 9 can’t book it.

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