Standard or Preferred Room

What is the difference in price between a standard and preferred room at Pop?
Is it really necessary to invest in a preferred one?

We did not do a preferred room. I saw no advantage to paying more for a room there unless you want a pool view.

That walk can be far at the end of night especially if you have kids. We were in the 90s building and it was far. Depending on the price difference it could be worth it.

Prices vary by date (busy times and weekends cost more). But just picking a date, such as July 6-9, 2020 at Pop, a standard room is $190 and preferred is $206. Not a big difference to us. The preferred rooms are all in buildings 1,3,4,5,6 and 10 (50’s,60’s,70’s), but not all the rooms in those buildings are preferred, there are some standard ones, too. Those buildings are all centrally located, fairly close to buses, skyliner, food and check-in.

The first two times we stayed there, we sprung for preferred to make sure we were in one of those buildings. I didn’t want to risk being at the ones furthest from the buses, buildings 7 (one of 80’s) or 8 (90’s). We ended up in building 1 (50’s) and then 10 (70’s). This last time I decided to save money with a standard room and take my chances with how I worded my room request. We again got building 1 (50’s) but this time it faced a different direction.

I think anything in those center six buildings are just fine. Since we don’t want to be on the ground floor, and the elevators are all in the center of each T-shaped building, we think the distances to the centers of those buildings are fine for our needs (mainly in terms of walking to a bus or skyliner).

There are standard rooms in every building. But preferred rooms are only in specific locations, so you are “guaranteed” to be in one of those spots if you book a preferred room. They are closest to the Lobby (and therefore Bus transportation).