Stalking MDE for prime FPs - aw, memories

So, I’ve been stalking the Apple support website for a better time at the Genius bar tomorrow and it reminded me of all the hours I spent trying to get that perfect FP for our trip back in March.

I did manage to get SDMT from a 9:55pm down to a 4:10pm after about 3 moves. Each time, I did a happy dance. Literally.

But my best achievement was one Sunday morning, 2 weeks before our trip, I woke up and thought I’d just check for FOP. I hadn’t gotten anything in all the times I’d tried before, so I almost pressed refresh when I looked and there it was! 7:10pm FOP for 4 people! I grabbed it before the system could change it’s mind. Yes, that was 2 happy dances.

Ah, good times.

So, how hard to you watch for your idea FPs? Do you have any good success stories?

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Very similar happy dances. Since we go at off-time of the year (kids are adults now), We can usually get favorable ADR’s and FPP’s that will fit our schedule. It does take several refreshes and several days watching and re-checking, but typically works out.

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Last trip we got exactly what we wanted down almost to the minute on FP day - a couple were 5 minutes out but I didn’t bother to change them. I really hope I have that much luck this time! But then I’m hoping park hours will change so even if I do, I might end up wanting to change them. I’m very nervous.

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